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in it together

Our first campaign helps small businesses facing COVID-19. It's a message of solidarity that brings businesses together to support and encourage one another. We're donating top quality face masks to help stop the spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants. Our reusable face masks offer the ultimate protection beyond surgical and N95 masks. Furthermore, unlike ordinary face masks on the market, our tight fitting masks eliminate the need to wear two masks.

Plants for Sale

Restaurants & Shops

Our priority is to help restaurants, mom & pop shops and local artists.  By protecting businesses, their employees and patrons with these much needed masks, we'll help to keep businesses afloat.

In addition to masks, we're donating shopper's totes and other branded products. These donated items have a high retail value making every dollar go further. Businesses can use these items to incentivize patrons to spend more and encourage repeat visits. Restaurants and shops may resell or give away these items with qualifying purchases.

Corporate sponsors' logos will be prominently displayed with the "IN IT TOGETHER" message.

How can you help?

How can you  help?

Become a corporate sponsor and donate branded products

Make a purchase of $1000+ and we'll contribute 

10% of our profits to


Donate any amount of your choice to our

IN IT TOGETHER social cause

Corporate Sponsorship


  • Make an impact on your community and employees by giving back

  • Be recognized for your contributions     

  • Your donations have a four-fold retail value ($1 purchase = $4 retail value) 

  • Align your marketing strategies with a meaningful philanthropic mission

  • Broaden your reach while contributing to your community

How to become a

Corporate Sponsor

  • Select the items you would like to donate or

  • Simply state the dollar amount you want to contribute

  • Donated branded products will be distributed to restaurants, shops and art venues

  • You can choose to help us with the distribution 
    through voluntary employee participation or

  • Have us distribute your selected items and we'll provide you with proof of delivery

  • Click below to view samples of IN IT TOGETHER sponsored products 

Corporate Sponship Benefits
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