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Setting the standard

After extensive research, our face masks were designed and finetuned over many months. We went through multiple sample iterations to construct the

most protective, tight fitting and comfortable face masks.

OUR masks made of hybrid materials are superior TO N95 IN trapping particles smaller than 300 nanometers2 & 5

  1. A tightly woven inner layer of  100% cotton provides a thick physical barrier

  2. A thick outer layer of polyester and spandex twill creates an additional physical and electrostatic barrier

  3. A premium PM2.5 filter made of 4 layers of polypropylene + activated carbon intensifies the electrostatic barrier

  4. Adjustable ear loops, nose clip and spandex fabric secure a tight fit for optimal protection

  5. Each mask comes with 2 filters in a reusable zip slider poly bag 

Hybrid material masks outperform all single material 2- and 3-layer masks.2 & 5

Our polyester outer layer, when rubbed with nitrite or latex gloves, is nearly 10 times more effective than surgical masks.Rubbing the filter also increases its electrostatic charge by more than 2 times which will last up to 24 hours. The polypropylene filter will lose its electrostatic cling when washed but it can be recharged by simply rubbing it with nitrite or latex gloves for 30 seconds.

Unlike other materials, the great thing about our polypropylene filter is that it remains highly effective even as humidity builds up when you breathe out.3

Our reusable face masks are machine washable. (Machine wash and dry in mesh laundry bag.) Hand wash and flat dry recommended for the filters.


To read more about the research studies behind our masks, go to:

  1. An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19, published in January 2021 in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

    Studies published in ACS Nano, a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal:






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